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Chicken Salad with BBq Sauce

You can always include a salad in your diet for dinner in order to save up on lot of calories. But it’s always been a myth to have salad with greens making them bad at taste and hence making you unhappy while you are on the verge on keeping consistency with your diet plans.

Well, I am here to break that myth and make salads taste amazing and yet have lower calories,to let you work up on your weight loss/ weight management.

Chicken Salad with BBQ sauce is simple yet exquisite and delicious. You can always add veggies of your favourite and add on BBQ sauce.

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Weekly Workouts

Hello Subscribers!

So happy to start this week with my first weekly workout blog. Sharing it with you all and hoping you to follow the routine is something I am really looking forward to!

If you have lately been irregular with your workout plans and not sure as to how to get back to it without being in a dilemma of whether to hit the gym or not, here’s this weekly workout plan which you can do at the comfort of your house.

What’s the plus point? Well, you can do it anytime and not break your head over making it to the gym hours.

These are some simple beginner level workouts which can kickstart your Week!

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Let’s give fitness a go this week and I hope you all have a great week!

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prawns Salad with Jeera Rice

Hi People!

You got to Reset and Refocus any number of times you have to just to get back on track with your fitness plan.

You don’t have to be an great chef in order to cook something tasty yet healthy to keep up with your goals. All you need is an discipline to make sure to follow your meal prep routinely!

Here’s one of the simple meal recipe with Jeera Rice and Salad with Prawns and Eggs.

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Looking to start eating healthy food but not able to cope up with the taste? Subscribe to my blog where you can get recipes on healthy yet tasty food and get some lifestyle change and fitness workouts coming your way on weekly basis!

There are many recipes coming your way every week on the subscription plan! Thank you for the reading the blog!

switching to Low calories Food Alternatives can be fun

Hi People!

This blog I am going to tell you few low calorie alternatives to begin with in your lifestyle. It’s been always hard to switch to a diet compromising with your regular routine which contains not only high calories but also has no nutritious value.

Starting on to getting back to healthy eating, here is a packed heavy breakfast which is always a good thing to start your day.


Eggs- 2

Bell Peppers- (1/4 cup , chopped, mixture of green and yellow)

Multigrain wheat brown bread (2)

Red bell pepper (1/4 cup, chopped)

Ice berg lettuce – (1/2 cup, shredded)

American Garden Low fat, Low Calorie Mayonnaise (1 tbsp)

Pineapple ( 1/2 cup , chunks)

Ginger Garlic paste (1 tsp)

Salt – (1/4 tsp)

Chilly Powder (1/4 tsp)

To prepare

Add 2 eggs and 1/4 cup of mixed green and yellow bell peppers. Add 1/4 tsp salt and chilly powder. Heat the nonstick pan for a min and add the mixture and heat it for 3 mins , flip it and heat it for 3 more mins.

Add 1/4 cup shredded Iceberg lettuce and 1/4 cup shredded red bell peppers, add 1 tbsp low fat , low calorie mayonnaise, 1 tsp ginger garlic paste and 1/4 tsp salt and mix it.

Pineapple is packed with vitamin C and contains an enzyme called bromelain that reduces inflammation of the gut, boosts immune function, and stimulates protein digestion. Adding them can also help you increasing good calories in your breakfast which will keep you full for a long time, hence avoiding from eating junks out of hunger.

Why choose Multigrain Wheat brown Bread instead of Regular bread?

Ps : I found this one on the net since I forgot to take the picture from mine!

Multigrain wheat brown bread consist wheat as it major content, broken wheat flakes. Always check for the content/ ingredients in the package. Sometimes brown bread might just contain refined flour with added colours.

A good multigrain wheat bread must be made of 100% whole wheat/whole grain. They have good amount of dietary fiber around 1.9g in 1 slice of a bread while a regular refined flour bread has no source of nutrition value and contain less than 0.8g of dietary fiber. Hence Multigrain bread can keep you full for a longer period of time and have lesser calories in per serving of the bread. While the regular refined flour bread has more calories which can lead to weight gain, it can also slow down your digestion and cause discomfort.

On taste part of it, I love multigrain wheat bread much better than the regular pale taste of the refined flour bread.

Why American Garden Lite Mayonnaise

We all love mayonnaise but at the same time we do it consist of lot of calories and hence switching to low fat , low calorie mayonnaise can be a good alternative to change your lifestyle and eat clean.

While the regular mayonnaise consist of 94 calories in 1 tbsp with 10g of total fat , Lite Mayonnaise consist of just 45 calories with 4.5g of total fat, which is a much better option.

It definitely does not taste as regular mayonnaise but 1 tsp of ginger garlic can save the day with almost similar taste that of the regular mayo.

You can always choose alternatives with lower calories while you are on the phase of changing your lifestyle gradually because strict diet are not sustainable and getting back to old routines are more easier after binge eating.

Know the PCOS

PCOS is a pretty common thing that we all have been hearing about in recent times. If you are a woman, you either go through this condition or atleast have a friend who is going through it. And for others who have no idea on what PCOS is, I’m here to tell you a little bit about it.

“What is PCOS?”

PCOS is a Polycystic Ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is a very common condition affecting 5% to 10% of women in the age group of 12-45 years.

This is caused due to increased levels of insulin , DHEA , androgen (which is a male hormone) causing hormonal imbalance in the body.

And if it is not treated, it can cause insulin resistant diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol leading to heart disease.

Do you ever feel like you have gained weight irrespective of eating well?

Well, unexplained weight gain is one of the symptoms of PCOS.

Increased levels of insulin can cause resistance in leptin. With decrease in leptin , it can cause hunger and never feeling satisfied in obese.

Do you get your periods once in 3 months or even worse once in 6 month/ a year?

Irregular Periods are one of the major symptoms of PCOS. 

This is because PCOS/PCOD is caused due to hormonal imbalance due to various reasons. Women with PCOS produce higher than normal levels of androgens which are male hormones preventing the ovaries from releasing an egg causing them to skip their menstrual period.

Need it be only skipping of periods as a symptom of PCOS?

NO. Due to excessive production of female hormones in the body as a result of the opposite reaction to the increase in androgen level in PCOS, it can also cause frequent periods.

Do you feel exhausted even after sleeping for hours and still end up feeling fatigue/anxious and depressed?

PCOS can cause symptoms like infertility and hirsutism (excess facial and body hair). Some people with PCOS report feeling frustrated and anxious about their ability to become pregnant, their weight, excess body and facial hair, or lack of control over their health and bodies.

This being one of the reasons you would put yourself into being stressed and sad, there can be a lot going internally.

Cortisol being the stress hormone is dysregulated in PCOS.Elevated levels of Cortisol , Insulin , DHEA-S , Male hormones causing hormonal imbalances can also trigger depression , anxiety in PCOS.

Self care being very important in general, PCOS women need to put that as a priority and do things that make you feel good whenever you can.

Have you tried various diets and still end up with no result in reducing your weight?

With various underlying hormonal reasons for inflammation , unless knowing the type of PCOS , it can be hard to start with the right treatment inorder to reduce your weight.

Weight loss can be difficult to achieve with PCOS as a customised PCOS diet plan, lifestyle changes and PCOS based exercises are necessary.

HIIT workout might not show efficient results as it does in terms of people with no PCOS.

Due to PCOS there can be symptoms such as no ovulation, acne and hirsutism and unexplained weight gains, depression and anxiety, indigestion. But most of the cases go undiagnosed as many are unaware of their condition and its symptoms. 

Diagnostic tests could be a first step to begin with on having these symptoms.

Dealing with PCOS alone can be tiresome. Going through the process of weight loss with PCOS gets difficult as it requires workouts and diet plans which are different from the regular. 


In this blog, I wanted to let the ones with PCOS know that it isn’t your fault for gaining the unexplained weight since everyone around thinks the only possible way to gain weight is by eating a ton of junk food.

At times there can be various reasons why one has gained weight and the unnecessary assumptions and solutions from others can be burdensome.

Let me know if this was of some help to you in the comment section and I would be glad to have a discussion on it.

Thank you for reading my blog. 

How to eat Healthy and better food on a budget

Eating Healthy sounds fancy but consuming good and nutritious food on a daily basis is not economical.

Following the trends of eating healthy is not as easy as it looks on social media.

Different regions have different vegetables they harvest and buying vegetables that are not easily available is going to be expensive.

There are ways in which we can avoid the unwanted expenses and eat good food at a minimal price.

  1. Plan your weekly food, so that you can do your grocery shopping accordingly.
  2. Use vegetables that are nutritious but also easily available and add as a convenient cost so that you can stick to eating good food for a long time.
  3. Buy in bulk so that you can avoid grocery shopping and spending on unwanted snacks often.
  4. Buy groceries when you are not hungry/ not rushed to avoid binge shopping.
  5. Cook your meal / cut your vegetables at once , store it in your fridge and eat all week, so you know you already have your meal ready and do not have to binge eat on junk due to unavailability of food while you are hungry.
  6. Go easy on your wallet.
  7. Avoid eating out often.

Planning your weekly food

You can always plan and make a list of your grocery items to avoid adding on extra junks.

Planning your weekly meals can save your time as well as impart a sense of discipline to prepare your food and make it a habit to eat at home and avoid often eating outside.

Pick on some healthy recipes! Try making it tasty and different from regular!

Through planning you can keep track of your calories and avoid on unwanted calories.

You can always include cheat meals once/twice a week to stick to your diet.

NOTE for a Happy Mind!

You can always start your fitness routine and eat healthy meals based on your mental preparedness and you do not have to force yourself into it just because people around you are. 

And it’s pretty normal to quit your diet/fitness and get into it all over again. Having a mindset of not quiting/determined to reach your fitness goals is something that you gain in a long time and one should not feel guilty about the sudden binge eating and focus more on getting back into your fitness goal.

Stay Happy! Stay Healthy!

Thank you for reading my blog.

Stay tuned for healthy recipes!

Classic Spaghetti

Hi people!

I am back with another recipe that you all can try at home.

I love spaghetti and it’s been one of my favourites for years.

Making spaghetti can be tiresome due to all the work involved but at the end it’s worth it.

Reasons why I love making Spaghetti at home 

First and foremost I love them. There were times when I would go to the same restaurant almost everyday and order the same spaghetti for my main course because I was kind of obsessed with how they tasted.

But yeah , when it comes to good tasty spaghetti at a crazy expensive restaurant , it can be really sad at times.

Making this at home is going to be economical and to all the spaghetti lovers – this one is easy to make , requires minimal ingredients and you do not have to be a master chef to crack this one!

So here is how to make an easy and simple Classic Spaghetti!


Whole Wheat Spaghetti ( recommended) / Regular Spaghetti (1 cup , cooked)

Mozzarella cheese (1 tsp grated)

Olives ( 2 tbsp, chopped)

Oregano (1 tsp)

Chicken Breast (¼ cup)

Chilly Flakes (¼ tsp)

Salt (½ tsp)

Pepper (½ tsp)

Olive Oil (2 tbsp)

Garlic cloves (2 tbsp, chopped)

To prepare

Boil the water for 3 mins on high flame and add the spaghetti , pinch of salt and boil it for 15 mins more. Once it’s cooked, drain the water using a strainer.

In a pan, add the olive oil, chicken breast pieces, pepper, salt and cook it for 7 mins. Add chopped garlic, olives and saute it for 2 mins and add the spaghetti. Mix it well and saute it for 3 mins.

Add some oregano and grated cheese on top of it.

Simple and healthy spaghetti ready to eat!

Why do I choose Whole Wheat spaghetti over regular pasta?

Wheat spaghetti is packed with better nutrients than the white pasta. If you read the nutritional table at the back ,the whole wheat pasta consists of 6 g of dietary fibre whereas the regular white pasta has 2.5 g to 3 g. In this way , whole wheat spaghetti with complex carbohydrates can be filling and digested slowly making you feel less hungry often.

Whole wheat spaghetti has fewer calories compared to white pasta and is also tasty , hence you can keep a check on your weight gain.

White pastas are highly processed and lose their nutritional content in the process making it useless calories to your body.

To know if it’s a whole wheat spaghetti , you can always check the ingredients as whole wheat is going to be the first in the list.

Know what you eat – Nutritional Content

This consists of 540 calories with 24 g of carbs , 20 g of protein and 33 g of fat.

High amount of calories is due to the olive oil which has a good amount of saturated fat ,polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat.

Classic Spaghetti and a glass of wine with some series to binge watch is my perfect combo for Sunday night!

Hope you all will try it and do let me know in the comment section if you all loved it!

Thank you for reading my blog and Stay tuned for more!

Easy and Healthy Breakfast REcipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and hence making one, filled with good nutrition is going to cover up a major part of your daily nutrition.

Skipping breakfast is not a good idea because it’s the first thing you eat after 10-12 hours of your last dinner to replenish your depleting glycogen stores.

Breakfast is going to boost your energy and also increase your metabolism for the day.

It also reduces filling up on unhealthy processed food that you might grab onto when hunger strikes up.

So here is an Easy and Healthy Breakfast recipes that you can prepare at home with a good amount of nutrition to begin your day with.

Regular toast with some peanut butter and scrambled eggs

Ingredients required:

Brown bread ( 2 slice)

Natural Peanut Butter( 1 tbsp on each slice of bread)

Banana (4-5 slice on each slice of bread)

Chia seeds ( ½ tsp on each slice of bread)


Milk (3 tbsp)

Salt( ¼ tsp)

Pepper (¼ tsp)

Oregano (½ tsp)

Bell peppers (1 cup)

Butter (1 tsp)

To prepare:

Make a brown bread toast and spread Natural peanut butter with banana slices on it and add Chia seeds as toppings

Add eggs, milk, salt, oregano and pepper and stir them up well.

Add butter and the above mixture on the pan and stir it on low flame for 3  minutes top.

Add bell peppers , salt and pepper and cook it for 4 minutes. Do not over cook it.

This consists of 632 calories with 57 g of carbs, 24 g of protein and 29 g of fat.

Spinach Omelette

Ingredients required:

Spinach (½ cup,chopped)

Eggs (2)

Milk ( 3 tbsp)

Oregano (½ tsp)

Pepper ( ¼ tsp)

Salt (¼ tsp)

Sausage ( 2)

Beans (½ cup)

Carrot (½ cup)

Corn (½ cup)

Butter (1 tbsp)

To prepare:

Add spinach, eggs, milk, salt , pepper and oregano and stir up them well. 

Add butter and the above mixture to the pan and heat on low flame for 3 minutes and fold it in half and cook it for 3 more minutes.

Cook the sausages,  beans and carrots and corn with some salt and pepper for taste. 

Beans and carrots will be 7-8 minutes on a low flame to cook better.

Make sure not to overcook them.

This consist of 432 calories with 30 g of carbs, 23 g of protein and 28 g of fat.

Stay Safe!

Stay tuned for more breakfast and salad recipes on my upcoming blogs!

Healthy Lifestyle : Change your lifestyle not your diet plans

Getting into a diet is easy, but maintaining one isn’t.

Struggling to keep up with a diet routine gets harder and harder as the days go by due to a lot of cravings and a thought of not being able to eat them makes it worse.

A lot of blogs you see will recommend certain kinds of diets which make promises to help you to cut down weight or get you lean. But the important point here is how to work with your diet routine and not feel your soul depressed.

We end up switching into different kind of diets but nothing lasts for more than a few weeks and one can end up binge eating during weekends due to all the stress/ quit the diet.

Strict/ Unrealistic Diet Routine where you start eating whole foods only.

It’s because of the strict and unrealistic diet routine we all try to inculcate in our daily lives.  We have been feeding upon a lot of processed foods and to follow a strict diet all of a sudden can be a problem with your body system.

Every body is different and our system tries to maintain the same weight that you have been for years and when you get into a certain diet and start losing, it tends to make you intake more calories in order to maintain the former weight.

This can take a while until you have a new weight that you have been maintaining for a while now.

So that’s why losing weight is a long term goal and all the myths about losing it all at once are nothing but a nuisance.

Even though you did, it would be pretty hard to maintain the weight category unless you start eating lesser calories than your body requires which further can make you feel tired and reduce your metabolic rate.

There are a lot of people getting into a diet where they would eat <1000kcal or starve themselves all the way from having around 1800kcal to 2200kcal or more , in that case one might not get all the nutrition including micronutrients required by the body.

Due to sudden decrease in calories , muscle breakdown takes place where muscle protein is used up to fuel your daily routines.

On the other hand, you also build up on your carvings and tend to eat more calories than you did before to satisfy your cravings due to controlling from eating all your favourites for a long time and end up feeling guilty about all the binge eating.

Rather than changing diets , changing your mindset is more important on how to get into a realistic diet which can continue for a very long time.

Lifestyle change/Sustainable diet where you include 80% of whole food and healthy processed food and 20% of unhealthy processed food.

Changing your lifestyle is one of them where you can include the majority of your diet plan around 80% with nutritional food containing good carbs , vegetables , lean protein and grains and dairy products.

Include some of your favorites around 20% which are going to be the smaller part of your diet.

We include them in order to make a sustainable diet where you do not build up on your cravings and end up quitting your diet within weeks.

Note: Including processed food does not mean you eat only more of them and concentrate less on nutritional food.

Do not think counting your macros and eating only processed food can help you in weight loss because you think your calories would be equal to your Total daily energy expenditure(TDEE) but then you would be missing out on all your essential nutrients like essential amino acids , good carbs & fats , fibers, vitamins and minerals.

  • Keep track of your calories. Know your Total daily energy expenditure (TDEE)

           There are various ways to know them. One of the equation to calculate is here

            Resting Metabolic rate (RMR) equations

            Men         : RMR=(9.99xweight) + (6.25xheight) – (4.92xage) +5

           Women  : RMR= (9.99xweight) + (6.25xheight) – (4.92xage) -161

             Multiply RMR value by appropriate activity correction factor.

  • Sedentary ( little. No exercise) – 1.2
  •  Lightly active ( light exercise/ sports 1-3 days/ week ) – 1.375
  •  Moderately active (Moderate exercise / sports 3-5 days/week ) – 1.550
  •  Very active (Hard exercise / sports 6-7 days/week ) -1.725
  •   Extra active (Hard exercise / sports/ physical job ) – 1.9

                Reduce the calories based on your weight goal.

  • Eat in moderation

Anything in excess can be bad. Eating in  moderation helps you maintain your calorie intake.

  • Plan and Prepare your own food

Planning and preparing your food can avoid unwanted calories through processed food which you grab on in your vicinity because you did not plan your meals.

Preparing your own food also creates a sense of discipline.

  • Stay Stress Free

It is very normal to binge eat at once , but that does not need to make you feel guilty or make you quit eating nutritious food.

Guilt can cause stress releasing hormones which can make you eat more adding on to your weight gain.

There is no need to quit eating healthy food.  

Stay Tuned for more!

5 Easy and Healthy Pre-Workout Oat Smoothies

There can be a lot of confusions when it comes to making a choice on what to eat before working out in order to avoid feeling bloated/ heavy or experience gastric distress during the workout.

Goals to have Pre workout snacks are to optimize your glucose availability and glycogen stores and provide the fuel that you need for your exercise performance.

As a Athlete and a fitness enthusiast, I get how stressful it can be in choosing the right meal which is not heavy enough making you feel uncomfortable during the workout. 

Sometimes we skip our regular lunch time due to work or irregular food timings and just want to garb a quick bite before working out empty stomach feeling hungry or weak during the workout.

It can be a little tricky to choose what kind of snacks you want to have considering the nutritional part of it and how it can affect your session.

So I am here to make it easy and help you in choosing the right kind of meal so that you can feel comfortable and focus on your exercise goals.

Some nerdy tips on the nutritional content based on research and it says a pre exercise meal or snacks should be 

  • Relatively high in carbohydrate to maximize blood glucose availability.
  • Relatively low in fat and fiber to minimize gastrointestinal distress and facilitates gastric emptying
  • Moderate in protein
  • And well tolerated by the individual.

Some research also suggests that eating a relatively small carbohydrate and protein containing snack 30-60 mins before workout helps increase glucose availability near the end of the workout and decrease exercise induced protein catabolism.

I prefer having my pre workout meal containing oats to make sure to fuel my exercises with carbohydrate packed oat smoothies which makes me feel energetic and also keep up my performance level high during my 90 mins workout session.

Now the question that generally pops up to our mind is when to have these meals. Eating them right before the workout can make us feel pukish or bloated ending up with an uncomfortable feeling of whether to continue working out or not.

I generally have my pre workout meals before 30-60 mins of the workout to avoid stressing out and focus on my training.

Here are few of my favorite Oat Smoothies recipes that I can assure you are tasty and also easy to prepare.

Watermelon Oat Smoothie

Ingredients required

Watermelon chunks (½ cup)

Oats ( 2 tbsp)

Honey ( 1 tbsp)

Lemon (1 tsp)

Chia seeds (1 tbsp)

Grind the oats. Take watermelon chunks, powdered oats , honey and lemon on to your juicer and grind them.

You can add chia seeds on top which makes the right kind of nutritional finish to your pre workout snack. 

Chia seeds are loaded with fiber , amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids and calcium making them good for weight loss, improved athletic performance and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.

 Mango-Pineapple Oat Smoothie

Since it is the season of juicy mangoes , why not include them in our smoothies.

Ingredients required

Mango chunks (¼ cup)

Pineapple chunks (¼ cup)

Oats (2 tbsp)

Honey (1 tbsp)

Cashew ( 3-4 grated)

Almonds (3-4 grated)

Grind the oats. Take Mango and pineapple chunks with honey and powdered oats on to your juicer and grind them.

You can add grated cashew and almonds on top of it to make it even better as they consist healthy unsaturated fat making them one of healthiest nuts during your weight loss routine.

Watermelon-Pineapple Oat Smoothie

This one is my favourite because it just blends in well together making it very tasty. 

Ingredients required

Watermelon chunks (¼ cup)

Pineapple chunks (¼ cup)

Oats (2 tbsp)

Honey (1 tbsp)

Chia seeds (1 tbsp)

Mango chunks ( smaller)

Grind the oats. Take watermelon and pineapple chunks with honey and powdered oats on to your juicer and grind them.

You can add smaller chunks of mango and chia seeds as your topping.

Watermelon-Kiwi Oat Smoothie

To all the Kiwi lovers, this one is going to be your favourite.

Ingredients required

Watermelon chunks (¼ cup)

Kiwi chunks (¼ cup)

Oats (2 tbsp)

Honey (1 tbsp)

Mint leaves (2-3)

Flax seeds(1/4 tbsp)

Grind the Oats. Take watermelon and kiwi chunks, powdered oats, honey and mint leaves on to your juice and grind them.

You can add mint leaves and chia seeds as your topping giving it an additional touch on making it tasty.

Kiwi-Pineapple Oat Smoothie

Ingredients required

Kiwi chunks (¼ cup)

Pineapple chunks (¼ cup)

Oats (2 tbsp)

Honey (1 tbsp)

Cinnamon powder (½ tsp)

Grind the Oats. Take Kiwi and Pineapple chunks, powdered oats, honey and grind them .

Add cinnamon powder as your topping as they are loaded with antioxidants.

Here you have these Oat smoothies which you can quickly prepare without much ingredients or consuming a lot of your time and also be tasty because as I always say Healthy does not mean that it cannot be tasty!

Stay Tuned!